School Mamagement Software

It is my pleasure to introduce to you SCHOOL360 which is an Online Student Information Management System. It is developed by using innovative web-based software and database technologies to enhance education and used by any kind of formal public or private preschool, primary and secondary schools.

School360 is an online student information management software for educational institutes, administration and management activities. It manages major element of the schools including students, classes, exams, teachers, and results. School360 is always online, that means you can access it on your phone, laptop or computer from anywhere.

This software offers one common database systems and configurable user profiles, allowing administrations, teachers, students parents to share the information with each other. If you have a basic knowledge of computers and you know how to send email, it will take 30 minutes to get familiar with School360 features.

Key Features

Student Information: Get easy access to student’s information, their grades, results, address, medical record, observation report and any reports anytime.

Secure Database: Get a Secure Database to store data online. System will backup academic record online 24hours. Need not worry about student record.

Online Admission: Prospective parents can now fill admission form online and also make payment through the school website without going through the stress of coming to the school.

Student Registration: register the student’s information like; basic info, guardian info, photo upload, emergency contact details etc. Online registration for the students is also available.

Teacher Information: School360 allows you to easily enter basic information about a teacher and other staff members. School360 is always online so teachers can access their schedule anytime.

Parents Access: Parents can login and view their children’s information anytime through the Parent Portal. Parents can login to the portal to view firsthand observation report of their children and download results of their children anytime.

Student Attendance: School360 gives you the ability to take daily attendance of students in a class. You have the option of marking student’s status in class like Present, Absent or on Leave.

Class Migration: At the end of each academic session, you can easily migrate the entire students in the previous class to a new class.

Grade Automation: The system can automatically compute student’s exam scores, final grade and position accurately and store same online. All you need to do is enter students continues assessment score and exam score. The rest is done by the system.

Check Result Online: Parents can easily login to Check Students result, download and print result online from anywhere in the world.

Facilitate Active Interaction Between Parents and the School: System will generate monthly Observation Report for each student. Parent can login from any part of the world to view their child performance.

Timetable: A timetable is an essential feature for every school. The class timetable feature allows you to setup and manage timetable for each class.

Teachers Assignment: With School360, each teacher is assigned to a class to manage activities of students in his or her class so that the Administrator can have up-to-date information about the teacher and their class at any time.

Auto Email Alert: SMS, email or internal messaging alerts can be set while generating any reports to keep involved parties update.

Multiple Admins/Users: School360 has the ability to handle multiple admins or users account. Admin can allow different rights to the different users as per their needs. Even multiple admin accounts could also be created using the admin. This option provides you the opportunity to distribute the burden of the management into different levels.