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ICT Training

Website Design Training

In todays digital world, a website is every businesses corporate identity which helps to showcase the products they offer to consumers outside a particular area. Also, with the presence of online resources and social media platforms in Nigeria, most companies are encouraged to go digital that is "Go Online". Hence the need for qualified web administrators is on the increase.

We understand that companies are on the look out for multi-tasker’s, we will fulfil all the requirements while training you. Our website design course consist of the following:

  • Website Desinging ( HTML/CSS )
  • Website Coding ( PHP/JavaScript )
  • Graphics Desinging ( Graphics Tools )
  • Website Optimization ( Search Experience Optimization )
  • Content Management System Development ( WordPress customisation )

Learn PHP and MySQL

To kick start this course you need a knowledge of website designing (HTML5, CSS3 & Bootstrap). Students who have completed their course in web design can learn the advance concepts of web development. In web development students learn to apply complex codes to the designed website; thereby allowing complex tasks like data processing, analysis and content management to take place.
This is done using languages like PHP, ASP, JSP, Perl, Python or Ruby. PHP being open-source is the preferred choice for most web developers. MySQL databases are used in conjunction with PHP coding. As a part of the Web Development course at JajexWeb, PHP & MySQL training will comprise of the major part of our training program.

The training program is developed in a way that enables the students pursing the Web development class to develop high-end websites that can process complex information. Primarily, well suited for the booming E-Commerce industry. The training program is of UK standard and is prepared by experts in the industry. As a part of the Web Development Course, students have to develop a working website’s as a project which can be later shown to the companies for placements.

We are the people to call on if you want to get your business noticed online. We build engaging and eye-catching website to help clients whose business need a face lift to succeed onlline.